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Rainbow Keyboard

This Rainbow Keyboard and mouse set renders everything you need to get started with gaming with just one key purchase, this set includes a red and green led gaming keyboard, and a mouse that is just right at just the right temperature. The key presses and button presses are every bit as delicious as you could hope for, and the Rainbow color palette is sure to make your next game look beautiful.

Keyboard Rainbow

The Keyboard Rainbow is a gaming Keyboard and mouse set that features a vibrant colors changing rgb backlight and a comfortable design, the set also includes a cool, unique design. The Rainbow gaming Keyboard is a rechargeable keypads that features a wide range of color assigned led lights, this keypad is enticing for use with your computer in rgb color. The Keyboard also offers a built in usb 3, 0 port which makes it straightforward to connect and use. The gaming Keyboard rgb rechargeable keypads is splendid for use with your favorite devices while keeping them wireless and accessible, with a Rainbow backlit, you can enjoy a just-right level of brightness on your device. This Rainbow light Keyboard keypad is best-in-the-class for wired gaming on your computer, the keypads are rgb led backlit for a bright and bright screen experience. The Keyboard offers a backlight that creates a vibrant Rainbow light effect, the effect can be turned off or turned off and paused so that you can only use the keypads as a keycap light. The Keyboard provides a left-handed design which will make your work look better, the keypads need to be attached to the back of the Keyboard with sticky points so that they can light up. The Keyboard comes with a case to protect against scratches and the included case will also light up the keypads.