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Ps2 Keyboard

The hp 803181-001 black wired usb slim Keyboard is an unrivaled Keyboard com shopping, with its slim design and keycap free feel, this Keyboard makes it straightforward to find what you're digging for on your screen. The black cable with its slim white keycap is an uncomplicated surrogate to differentiate this Keyboard from other brands.

Ps 2 Keyboard

This Keyboard is a Ps2 Keyboard with a mini din connector and an 6 pin mini plug, it is not a Ps2 Keyboard with a legacy connector like the ones available on gaming computers. This Keyboard is a pure Ps2 Keyboard with the legacy connector, this Keyboard is incompatible with other Ps2 keyboards. The Ps2 mouse and Keyboard are splendid solution for admirers needs, with its unique design, the Ps2 Keyboard and mouse are peerless for use your computer without taking up space on your desk. The Ps2 Keyboard and mouse are also first-rate for use your computer with a Keyboard and mouse together, this Keyboard is an enticing addition to your Ps2 and is sure to make your gaming experience better. This Keyboard grants a black coloration and offers an 104 key pad that allows you to type and control your games with ease, the Ps2 will work with this keyboard. This Keyboard is the typewriter and fits the ps/2 mouse and keyboard, the Keyboard is fabricated out of environmental-friendly materials and grants five d-pins to allow manipulation of keys with the left and right hand keys. The Keyboard also includes a ps/2 fits clicky window, making it effortless to write in text or images.