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Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and mouse are top-of-the-heap combination of ergonomic and wireless design, the wireless design makes them straightforward to adopt and navigate, while the ergonomic design means that you will stay comfortable and productive.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard And Mouse

The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic wireless usb Keyboard and mouse is a top-grade Keyboard and mouse combo for enthusiasts that are hunting for a comfortable and efficient substitute to work on a computer, the Keyboard provides a l5 v-00001 design that is designed to feel natural and comfortable. The mouse is a wireless model, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go, the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard is a comfortable and efficient Keyboard that supports on-the-go typing. The Keyboard comes with a convenient wireless mouse, making it effortless to handle both at home and on the go, the Keyboard and mouse are also wireless, making them peerless for straightforward streaming and streaming of quality gaming. The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic Keyboard is a top-notch surrogate to have an electronic desk that feels like you are using a keyboard, this Keyboard extends a stylish look and feels good in your hand. The Keyboard extends a l-shaped design and is produced of plastic for durability, the Keyboard gives a black design and it is included in the d-pad shipping dongle. The Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard is a comfortable, wireless Keyboard and mouse set that provides an ideal experience for work, the set includes the Keyboard and mouse, making it straightforward to have all the key ingredients necessary to create documents and meetings. The Keyboard is programmable with its own remembered pressured keypad and keying system, so you can be sure you're always on the go with this worry-free set.