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Keyboard Cable

The Keyboard Cable is top-quality for connecting a new or monitor-only device to your computer, it tells a wear your Keyboard and keeps your key feel. The usb-c connector ensures data and charge stays consistent when connecting and disconnecting from your computer, the Cable also features a that improve typing performance.

Numeric Keypad Number 18 Keys Pad Keyboard With USB Cable For Laptop desktop

Numeric Keypad Number 18 Keys

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SDL to USB - SOARER'S CONVERTER - Clicky Keyboard Cable 6ft IBM Lexmark Model M


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BEIGE USB to SDL 6 Pin 6ft IBM Lexmark Unicomp Model M Clicky Keyboard Cable


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Keyboard Braided Cord Wire USB Type C Coiled Cable Gx16 Aviation Connector (6ft)
2-Pack Dual PS2 Female to USB Male Converter Adapter Cable for Mouse Keyboard

2-Pack Dual PS2 Female to

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Top 10 Keyboard Cable

This Keyboard Cable is puissant for shoppers who itch for a custom-looking gaming Keyboard on their day-to-day computer, the black finish is unique and fashionable, and it can be used for just about any gaming activity. The Keyboard Cable is further data-achable from a distance to help savings on power and space on your desktop, this Keyboard Cable is designed to connect a gaming Keyboard and usb-c device like a graphics card, laptop, or desktop. The Cable gives a black finish and is about 4 feet long, it is produced from custom coiled aviator material and offers a black finish. The model m clicky Keyboard Cable provides through-the-wall compatibility with lexmark's models that are present on most of the machine's desktop, the Cable also features a tough black material that helps to keep cords and other accessories out of the dust n' dirt of your office. The Keyboard Cable is designed to allow use of your existing Keyboard without taking up any space in your office or computer case, it is in like manner water resistant and effortless to wrap around your hand to create a comfortable gaming experience.