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Apple Wired Keyboard

Introducing the Apple Wired Keyboard and mouse, a first-rate combination of features and design that makes your computer work better with your hands, the wirelessly gunned Keyboard and mouse have a modern design withstood the test of time, and are still the best value for your money. Plus, with the latest in technology, you can type faster andnature's key presses.

Apple A1243 Wired Keyboard (w/ Launchpad) USB Ports w/ Numeric keypad   MV3662
Apple G4 iMac G5 Mac Pro White USB Keyboard 1944 W/ 2 Port Hub Model A1048 Works

Apple G4 iMac G5 Mac

By Apple


Apple A1243 USB Keyboard
Apple Imac Wired Full Size Usb Mac Keyboard With Numeric Keypad White Pc Keys

Wired Apple Keyboard

This Keyboard grants two usb ports so you can connect it to your computer and use it as a Keyboard and mouse together, the keycap and key layout is ke is valuable for people with strong typing habits. The battery life is up in the air, but they say it lasts up to 12 hours use, this is a genuine Apple mac white Wired full size Keyboard english with 2 usb port. It offers a white finish and is fabricated from durable materials, it is facile to handle and offers a soft-touch surface for comfortable typing. The Apple a1243 Wired mac standard usb Keyboard is a top-of-the-line for standard usb keys in a room with a limited supply, the Keyboard provides a backlight that creates a natural look and feel for your user interface. The Keyboard also imparts a numeric keypad for adding new keys to your keyboard, this is a brand-new, english-layout, Wired usb Keyboard 658-0306 2 sb that is top-quality for use on your computer. It extends a crab orphanage keypad next to the keypad, so you can easily find your key typing destination, the keypad also gives a variety of key presses and access to software programs, so you can easily and quickly type out your tasks and results.